MarketSight - Excel Dataset Labeling Workbook


The Excel dataset labeling workbook allows users to specify value codes and labels for their variables. If your dataset is text-based, you'll need to convert it to numeric values in order for the workbook to apply properly. If you have problems with the dataset labeling workbook, please contact Customer Service.

Export a Pre-Filled Copy of the Dataset Labeling Workbook Using Your Dataset Information

  1. On the Datasets or Variables page, click Export in the gray toolbar
  2. Choose "Labeling File"
  3. Download the completed workbook from the Tasks list on the right side of the application

Note: This workbook will export the definitions of any user-defined variables you've made in the application, which makes it simple to adjust multiple UDVs at once.

Use the Dataset Labeling Workbook

  1. Fill in the Variable Code in column A
    • This column is  required and should match the variable codes as seen in the first row of your dataset. If you export a pre-filled copy of the workbook as shown above, your codes will already be exact matches and you only have to edit the remaining columns as needed.
  2. Type in a brief Variable Name in Column B
    • The variable label is what you see as the "Name" on the Variables page, as well as in your crosstabs and charts. Shorter names tend to come across well.
  3. If needed, fill in the Value Codes in Column C
    • If the variable is discrete, list the numeric value codes here. If the variable is open-ended (i.e., an "other, please specify" question) or continuous ("How many minutes do you spend texting each day?"), leave Column C blank.
  4. If you entered numeric codes in Column C, enter the Labels in Column D
    • Each numeric value should have a label specified in Column D. If the variable is open-ended or continuous, leave Column D blank.
  5. Repeat for each variable where custom labeling is needed, or where labeling should be changed.
    • You can do this for all variables in your dataset, or just the ones you want.
  6. Optional: Enter Category, Question Text, Missing Values, or MRV Information
    • A variable can belong to one category at a time, have up to three missing values, or be included in an MRV.
  7. Upload the file with a new dataset, or apply it to a previously uploaded dataset

To Upload a Labeling File With a New Dataset

  1. Go to the Datasets page
  2. Click New
  3. Browse for your dataset
  4. For "Dataset Labels or Metadata File," select the labeling file
  5. Click OK

To Apply a Labeling File to a Previously Uploaded Dataset

  1. Go to the Datasets page
  2. Right click on the dataset
  3. Select Properties
  4. For "Dataset Labels or Metadata File," select the labeling file
  5. Click OK
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