Key Findings Basics


Key Findings is an easy-to-use, secure online platform that allows you to share important research results with colleagues and clients. Any MarketSight item can be added to Key Findings, and Key Findings users do not need to learn MarketSight in order to understand your insights. To learn more about adding crosstabs, charts, dashboards or data views to Key Findings, please see Adding Items to Key Findings. For instructions on how to control what users see by setting permissions, read Changing Key Findings Permissions.

A Key Findings-only user will be able to see only the folders and items that you give them access to. By default, they'll be able to get a URL to share the item with other Key Findings users, and they'll also be able to export Key Findings.  (Don't want your clients to be able to export? No problem! Please contact Customer Service.) In addition, Enterprise level accounts can create interactive crosstabs and charts, which allow Key Findings users to work with presented data within set limits.

The appearance of Key Findings can be customized to include a company logo or company colors.  The fee for this may be waived depending on your account type.

Watch this video to learn more about Key Findings.

Add a Single Item to Key Findings

  1. Open the item you want to add to Key Findings
  2. Click on the Share button
  3. Select Add to Key Findings
  4. Choose a folder to add your item to
  5. Click OK

Set an Item as the Key Findings Opening Page

  1. Add an item to Key Findings as outlined in the steps above
  2. In Key Findings, right-click on the desired item in the left-hand panel
  3. Choose "Set As Opening Page"
  4. Item will now be marked with a star and will show whenever Key Findings is accessed

Note: Only one item can be set as the opening page at a time. If you need multiple charts, KPIs, or other MarketSight objects to function as a home page, we recommend creating a dashboard.

Expand or Minimize the Left Navigation Panel

  1. Click on the small hamburger icon shown to the left of the panel
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