Chart Basics


The charts screen enables you to easily access and export charts, as well as locate the original crosstab the chart is based on. Learn more about creating charts, exporting charts and modifying chart templates.

Watch this video to learn more about creating charts in MarketSight.

Customize Your List Page

  1. Sort or filter columns by clicking on column headers
  2. To change the number of charts shown, you can adjust the page display size at the top of the table
  3. To hide or show columns, select the columns to be displayed in the dropdown to the right

Chart Types

MarketSight makes several chart types available to you based on your crosstab design.

Word Cloud "Stop Words"

Stop words are common words or phrases that will not be displayed in a word cloud. These can be turned on or off as a whole, but not individually. A list of stop words used in MarketSight can be located here.

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