Why am I unable to launch my project?

To launch a project, all target groups must be feasible and assigned a survey that has been tested. Once all requirements have been met, the Launch button will appear in the Project Summary under the Estimated Cost.

If you are seeing the error message "We cannot provide completed surveys for this quota group" besides Completes then one or more of the following target group values may need to be adjusted so that Samplify can accept the project:

  • Duration: The lower the duration, the higher the feasibility
  • Incidence: The higher the incidence, the higher the feasibility
  • Days in Field: The higher the number of days in field, the higher the feasibility
  • Completes: The lower the number of completes, the higher the feasibility
  • Allocation: The lower the allocation, the higher the feasibility

These combined factors must be reasonable values in order for Samplify to find it a feasible project. For example, a higher number of Completes may require an increased number of Days in Field. Additional information on Allocation is given beside the targeting attributes to provide insight into their feasibility.

If you have already launched your project but your target groups have been paused or are not seeing any traffic see here.

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