Sample Sources: Add a Sample Source

This article will help you Add a Sample Source to a survey.


  1. Access the 'Sample Sources & End Pages' section of the 'Build & Edit' Tool 
    1. See article: Sample Sources & End Pages Overview
  2. Search for the 'Sample Source' (recruiter) from the search bar. If the specific one you need is not there, you can use any of the ones labeled 'CM Omnibus'

  3. Once you find the one you want, click on the '+ Sample Source' button to add it to the list available for your survey

  4. This 'Sample Source' will now be added to the grid at the end of the card 

  5. In the 'Respondent Token Name' column add the name of the variable that will be passed in by the recruiter which will hold the unique respondent passcode. So if your recruiter adds '&sid=XXXX' to the incoming URL. 

  6. Click on the 'Edit End Pages' button to review and update the End Pages. 

  7. You now have some options on how to setup your end pages. 
    1. By default the redirects are setup to redirect to a 'URL Route'. This URL is the same for each Locale but can be customized by piping. 
      • You can wrap your variable in the following <variable>. This will allow you to use any variable that was passed into the survey which you have not stored in the data
      • You can also use our standard piping syntax using square brackets. This allows you to pipe anything that was saved in the data. 
    2. You can also select 'End Page' for any of the redirects. This will allow you to use text as your 'End Page'. 

    3. The third option is to use 'Both'. If you select 'Both', you will see the text you setup on the 'End Page' and you will then be redirected to the 'URL Route' after 5 seconds. 

  8. Close out of the 'Sample Sources' card
  9. Click on the 'Localization' card on the question tree 
  10. Click on the 'Edit' (pencil icon) in the 'Sample Sources' column 

  11. This will allow you activate the 'Sample Source' for any locale you have setup in the list. Select the box next to each one you want to add or unclick to remove the ones you do not need

  12. Click 'Save' when you are done

  13. The corresponding codes will be added or removed

  14. You can now close the 'Localization' card
  15. You are done!
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