Invoicing or adjusting projects

Invoicing a Project

Once a project is finished fielding or if you are satisfied with the project, you can close it. After a few days in this state, it will send the project into invoice processing. Your account manager will get a notification that the project is ready to be invoiced. After they invoice the project the status in your Invoice Tab will change to Approved and you will be able to download a copy of it.

Requesting a Correction 

Sometimes a project might need correction for many different reasons. Samplify makes this easy by allowing you to request a change that goes directly to your account manager. This is located within the invoice tab.

Here is an example Invoice Tab with a project that’s waiting to be invoiced.

From here, you can click on  Summary or the dropdown and View Report. It will open up the summary of the project where you can click on “Request Correction”

From here, you can request a correction by uploading a file containing the psid ids you need removed from the invoice and the reason for removal, we provide a template for correction requests. If it’s a different matter, like a different CPI on the invoice, you can also request to get this reviewed by your account manager, however you are only able to use the request correction on Samplify if you upload a file. 

You can also request corrections on invoices that are already approved – the request correction button will still be in the  Summary. It does take a few days to process so if you don’t hear from us within the week, please reach out to

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