Setting up exit links using Qualtrics

How do I configure my exit links when using Qualtrics?
Some survey platforms require making changes to the survey exit links that we provide in order to capture the Session ID value.

In the case of Qualtrics, you would need to (1) embed a data field and (2) configure the survey exit links Samplify provides in order to capture the Session ID values.

Capturing the Session ID value

1.    Go into the Survey tab for the project you’re working on.

2.    Click in the question text for any question and click the Piped Text tab.

3.    Select Embedded Data and enter psid as the field and select Insert.

4.    A piece of code will be inserted in the question text box.

5.    Cut the code from the question text box and go back to your links in the text editor.

6.    Paste the code that you generated (${e://Field/psid}) in place of the dummy text, after the field name.


Configuring the exit links

After setting up the embedded data field, you have to change the placeholders for the psid value from the Samplify exit links. Qualtrics recommends using a text editor to make the changes before placing the links within Qualtrics.



Over quota:{psid}

You need to change the placeholder values highlighted in the link to the value placeholder that Qualtrics is expecting.

In this case, it would be ${e://Field/psid} – this is the value that gets returned when we set up our embedded data.



Over quota:${e://Field/psid}

The next step is to ensure we change the "xxxxx" before entering the Redirects into Qualtrics, the value which needs to be used for "xxxxx" can be found on your Samplify Survey Page and does change for every Project.

After making the changes you the exit links your next step is to copy the links and insert them within Qualtrics, depending on how you want the panelists to terminate. 

For more up to date information, please visit the help pages of the Qualtrics platform you are using.

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