Setting up survey exit links (Basic)

Our complete end link will have a variable called ‘basic’ added to the end of it. The value for the basic variable will be different per project and fixed for the life of a project. This is the default security setting, in case you do want to update to a higher security level please check the medium and high security exit link pages and consult the Customer Success Team or your Account Manager.

Setting up exit links can differ across survey platforms but they generally follow the same pattern. You will need to copy the exit links we provide and implement it within the survey platform.

This can be as easy as copying and pasting the links into the tool if your survey platform is using the same variables that we use. 

Some survey platforms require you to change the psid placeholder value in the link (it looks like this: {psid} ) to the placeholder value they expect.

For example, you would edit the exit link:{psid}&basic=xxxxx

To this:

Some survey platforms can also automatically append this value so you wouldn’t even need it in your link.

For example, your link would be edited from this:{psid}&basic=xxxxx

To this:

For more up to date information on how to set this up, please consult the help page of the survey platform you are using.

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