Setting up survey entry links

If you are using an external survey within Samplify you start at this page:

This is where you would enter the url for your survey. An example url looks like this:

After entering the survey url, you can click Save and you will be taken to a screen where we append variables that Dynata needs in order to capture information about panelists we send in your survey.

We automatically append the Panelist ID and the Session ID. 

The panelist ID is a unique and static identifier we use for panelists across all surveys launched with Dynata. We call this variable as  pid within our platform. This variable in the url is displayed as a pid and the placeholder as {{pid}}.

The session ID is a unique identifier we use for a panelist within a survey. We call this variable as  psid within our platform. This variable in the url is displayed as a psid and the placeholder as {{psid}}.

If your survey platform calls these variables by different names you can make edits to the variable names to reflect the name they expect it to be. For example, let's say your survey platform calls panelist ID as  apple and the session ID as orange. You can click on the pencil next to the Identifiers and make the changes.

You can see this change reflected in the url of the survey. The variable name has changed but the placeholder remains the same so our platform knows that when a value is returned for apple or orange that it corresponds to our identifier variables.

In the survey tab just below the identifiers, you will see the Data Appends field. This is optional and complimentary if you choose to use it. 

To obtain demographic information on the survey respondents, attach variables to the entry link from the list below. Pick the country the survey is targeting and choose the data you are looking for.

There is a mapping file to download to know what code to use, also there is an option to edit the name of the variable you selected for the survey link 

Once the variables are selected, the option to test the survey with data appends is available. Click on the carrot (v) to choose "Test with Data Appends"

Example of survey link with data appends added.

You will also need to set up those variables to be received through the URL in your survey scripting platform. On Cmix, for example, this is how it's done.

After you set this up, you can set up the Exit links within your survey platform. We have more information on that here.

You can also set up a test link if it is different from your live link by clicking on the checkbox, it will bring up a text box where you can enter the survey test URL.

As you can see it, it will append the same variable names you set up in the Identifier section. You can test the survey. The test IDs you used will populate next to the test button, if it is a successful complete it will return as a green psid.

Lastly, you can collapse this survey view to make it easier to view the Surveys tab if you have multiple surveys within a single project

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