Setting up exit links for Cmix

Creating a survey on Cmix and launching on Samplify is easy now that Cmix added Samplify as a sample source!

Quick Start

  1. Open Samplify and Cmix
  2. Implement Samplify End Links in Cmix
  3. Copy Cmix survey link into Samplify
  4. Test your survey for a complete
  5. Launch!

Getting Started

After you create your survey on Cmix, you need to create a project on Samplify or add it to an existing project by going to the Surveys tab of a project.

After clicking on Insert Link it should open up with a text box to enter your Survey URL. You can skip this step for now and click on the dropdown to display your Survey Exit Links.

After clicking on the dropdown, it will display the survey exit links you need to implement on Cmix. Make sure psid=<psid> at the end of the survey link. If it shows psid={psid} you need to edit psid=<psid> after you implement in Cmix.

You’ll need to switch to the Cmix page and open your survey. Under Programming you’ll need to click on Build & Edit. This will open a new tab where you can expand Survey Settings and select Sample Sources & End Pages.

This should open up a screen that allows you to add Samplify as a Sample Source by using the search bar.

You can search for Samplify and add it by clicking on + Sample Source.

Once Samplify is added to your list of Sample Sources & End Pages, you need to add psid in the Respondent Token Name field.

Click on the dropdown for Edit End Pages and replace the xxxxx at the end of the Complete End Link with the 5 digit basic found at the end of the Samplify Complete Exit Link. Make sure there are no extra spaces as sometimes when it copies it over it’ll add a “ “ between the = and the basic digits. 

You can then take the survey link from Cmix and insert it into Samplify. You have the possibility of using both the Live or the Test link for testing:

  • When using the Live link, you'd need to turn off Fingerprint Dedupe for this phase and just before going live to switch it back to ON.
  • When using the Test link you will be accessing the Cmix Testing environment so you could easily Skip to the last question and complete the survey without answering all your survey's questions; This would still allow you to verify that the redirect is working (reach the OK page).

After this is implemented, test the link from Samplify, you should be redirected to a white page with an OK in the corner. 

You can also test for a disqualification and over quota, but this step is optional.

Once you’re done testing, you can turn on fingerprint de-duping and launch the study on Samplify.

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