Speeder Check

This article will show you how to program a 'Speeder Check' 


One of the most common Quality Control Checks you may want to implement is a 'Speeder Check'. The information below will show you how to add this in your survey.


  1. As the very last page in your survey you will program a 'Logic Block Page'
  2. Add a 'Block'
  3. In the 'Run Actions' field select 'Only if'
  4. In the 'Only If' field you can use the LOI operator to conditionally terminate a respondent. Remember the LOI is measured in seconds. If you are looking to terminate respondents whom have take the survey in less than 5 minutes you can use any of the following formulas:
    • LOI < (5*60)
    • LOI < 300
  5. In the 'Action' drop-down select 'Terminate'
  6. Add a 'Termination Code'
  7. You are done!
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