2019.09.26 - Release Notes - 415 (v23.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 23.0.0 
Release Date: 2019.09.26 @11 AM EST

New Features

  • Markup Editor
    • The markup code is now available to view and edit.  Access to this code allows you to create survey content though the Markup Editor.  You can easily copy/paste code from one survey to another or build survey content from scratch.
    • Versioning - Every save in the Markup Editor will be tracked in the Save History, including your original state before any markup edits were made.  Through the Markup Editor, you will be able to view the different save states in the Save History. Only one of the save states will be considered “Published.”  You have the ability to “Publish” any of the save states to revert to different versions if needed.
      • NOTE: Every save you make in Markup Editor creates a new survey.  Your Project ID will track what is your “Published” survey as you navigate through the different CMIX components.  Test data will only be tied to a survey is it run with. It will not transfer to a new published survey.
    • In some cases, the Markup Editor will be Read-only.  
      • Survey contains Complex Grids, Page Logic, File Lookups or Translations
      • Survey has Live data
      • Survey is currently Live or has been set to Live previously
    • General
      • Navigation for each project component has been updated to reference the Project ID (prj) instead of the Survey ID (svy) in the URL.  This is one of the first steps to the Live Edit capabilities. Any existing survey links with Survey ID or live links will continue to function as normal.
  • Email Campaigns
    • (SPCORE-102) When creating a reminder within an email send the email template defaults to what was used for the original send. This allows the user to have a similar base for consistency and easier updates.
    • (SPCORE-99) You now have the ability to review your sample file to find out which users unsubscribed
    • (SPEXP-317) We have added the ability to upload sample files in both XLSX and TSV formats in addition to CSV


  • NA

Bug Fixes

  • NA
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