Add "Dynata" as a Sample Source

This article will help you add "Dynata" as a Sample Source to your survey 


You may be adding "Dynata" as a Sample Source for your survey. This article will show you the quick and easy steps to accomplish this. 


  1. Go to the "Build & Edit" Tool
  2. Click on "Survey Settings" in the question tree
  3. Click on "Sample Sources & End Pages"
  4. Search for "Dynata" in the "Add Sample Source" field 

  5. Click on the "+ Sample Source" button 

  6. Add "psid" to the "Respondent Token Name" field for this Sample Source 

  7. Click on "Edit End Pages" button to display the redirects 

  8. The defaults are already in place. Simply replace the X's with the "basic Key" for your specific survey in the "complete" redirect 

  9. You are done.
    NOTE: Just know that if you are testing the live link, you will want to turn off fingerprinting so the same person can test the survey multiple times. Once the testing of the live link is complete then you can turn fingerprinting back on if applicable. 

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