2019.07.02 - Release Notes - 414 (v22.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 22.0.0
Release Date: 2019.07.02 @10:30 AM EST

New Features

  • Email Campaigns
    • [SPCORE-125] - Added new emailing service, AWS SES, as an alternative to SendGrid for executing sends.
    • [SPCORE-110] - Validating all recipient emails by default for improved deliverability and reputation management.


  • Export Files:
    • There is now a change in the UI for the 'Export Files' section of the system. We tried to streamline this process and make it easier to update and navigate
  • Continued on efforts to migrate all portions of the system to our new API
    • [SP-4208] - Moved Survey creation from 'Launchpad'
    • [SP-3512] - Moved the Survey Cloning process to the new API
    • [SP-3812] - Moved the 'Review Outline' (Codebook) to the new API
    • [SP-4025] - Migrate Export Files to new API
    • [SP-4163] - Migrate Data Export layout tool 
    • [SP-4041] - Migrate Library Management
  • [SP-4161] - We added support for the use of a 'Previous Order' in the 'Survey Markup' feature

Bug Fixes

  • [SP-3846] - If you had quotas setup on a question/variable and made adjustments to this question/variable the 'Quotas' section on the Survey Dashboard were not updated
  • [SP-4171] - The 'Group Permission' feature was not granting the user the ability to modify groups in the Survey Dashboard. 
  • [SP-4209] - The 'Group Admin' flag should allow designated users to update permissions to the group. This feature was not working but has been adjusted accordingly.
  • [SP-4226] - The 'Questionnaire Filter' feature was not working on the first submit but it worked as intended after first search is cleared and re-entered. We have now accounted for this and the filter works on the first try. 
  • [SP-4281] - If you had a question which has the ability to randomize rows and columns, only one would work. This has been resolved. 
  • [HS-9225] - The 'Simple Grid' column header setting was not saving in the "Build & Edit Tool". So if you add content to this field and then went in to adjust it for any reason those updates would not save. 
  • [HS-9143] - The "Require Comments" toggle for Highlighters was not saving in the "Build & Edit Tool".
  • [HS-9126] - The Primary/Secondary Programmer listed on the Survey Dashboard would not load if the user had been deleted from the system. For this reason you were not able to update those fields ether. 
  • [HS-9149] - Required Validations on 'Simple Grids' could not be turned on again after being turned off.
  • [HS-9171] - The 'Bulk Edit' feature for Quotas in the 'Build & Edit Tool' were not working when they included questions on multiple sections.
  • [HS-9214] - The 'Quotas' tab on 'Survey Dashboard' would show "N/A" instead of "0" for quotas with a limit of 0.
  • [HS-9229] - SPSS data files would not show "Don't Know" responses as selected on text questions.
  • [HS-9223] - The 'Build & Edit Tool' would not display a variable if it was used for balancing in legacy concepts
  • [SPCORE-22] - The 'Bulk Update' feature would not allow uploading of non-UTF-8 characters. These are now being converted.

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