2019.05.01 - Release Notes - 413 (v21.0.0)

CMIX Version: 413 (v21.0.0)
Sprint: 12
Release Date: 2019.05.01 @1PM EST

New Features

  • NA


  • The primary focus of this Sprint Cycle has been migrating portions of the system over to our new API for efficiency gains as well as flexibility for future features and enhancements. This includes:
    • Quotas on the Survey Dashboard (SP-4032)
    • Company Settings (SP-4038)
    • Group Management (SP-4044)
    • User Management (SP-4048)

Bug Fixes

  • The 'Validate Data Tool' now splits the 'Coordinate Tracker Heat Map' by Test and Live data. Prior to this release it showed ALL respondent types at all times. (SP-4139)
  • The filters located in the 'Validate Data Tool' were not working. We have accounted for this and this filters will help drill down into appropriate data. (SP-3998)
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