Slider: Bipolar Scale

This article will show you how to program a Bipolar Scale using a Slider


Bipolar Scales are questions containing two sets of opposing options which a respondent can indicate a response to. 

Below is an example:

Bipolar Scale Slider

  1. Program a 'Slider' question
    1. See article: Advanced Question: Slider
  2. Update your question text as needed
  3. In the 'Overall Question Settings' update your 'Value Range'. By default the range is set to 0-100. If you want this to be a 1-7 scale you would update the range accordingly.
    1. See article: Overall Question Settings
  4. In the 'Slider Content' section you can update any of the following if applicable:
    1. Slider Value: This will allow you to display the value associated on the scale if applicable. This is option and may or may not make sense to display to a respondent
    2. + Start Point: This is the text that will appear on the far left of the scale header
    3. + Middle Point: This is the text that will appear in the middle of the scale
    4. + End Point: This is the text that will appear on the far right of the scale header 
  5. Add your labels to the left and right as needed in your 'Slider List'

  6. It will end up looking something like this while testing:
  7. As always, make sure to test

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