2019.03.12 - Release Notes - 412 (v20.0.0)

CMIX Version: 412 (v20.0.0)
Sprint: 11
Release Date: 2019.03.12

New Features

  • We have created and started moving the system to a new API which will allow more flexibility and reporting. The primary focus has been in the 'Build & Edit Tool'.  (SP-3611)
  • The 'Email Campaigns' feature is now available upon request on a case by case basis. Should you like to have access please contact your Sales Person. He/she will aid in getting the feature activated after discussing the options available. 


  • We have removed the 'Bulk Update' feature from the 'Inspect & Edit Records' section of the 'Dashboard' and gave it its own area in the 'Dashboard' (SP-3503). This enhancement allowed us to add the following:
    • Log all the 'Bulk Update' files uploaded into the survey. This includes the person who uploaded the file as well as a time stamp
    • The ability to download any of the files which have been uploaded
    • Review a list of error messages
    • Review the upload status
    • A progress bar to indicate the progress of the upload
    • See article: Bulk Update
  • Concept Looping Enhancements 
    • We have updated the 'Concept Loop' process to include messaging where applicable. The user will now be provided with detailed messaging that will refer to the specific actionable issues that may need updating in order to create and/delete a 'Concept Loop'. (SP-1925)
    • Concept Loops are now easier to update as well. If you are adding more response options within a question in a 'Concept Loop', the updates will automatically update the logic pages and variables as appropriate. This allows quicker edits in your 'Concept Loop' without having to remove and recreate a 'Concept Loop'. (SP-2156)
  • When trying to 'Generate Responses' using the feature in any question type you could get an error not not know the reason. We have updated the error message in this scenario to be more user friendly and provide actionable information to the user. You can currently create 255 responses at a time. You can continue this process should you need more but there is a maximum allowable for each time the feature is used. (HS-8168)
  • We have added the ability to customize the HTML within the 'Email Campaigns' feature. This way you can customize your email invitation. (SP-3879) 
  • All question types have been updated in the 'Overall Question Settings'. Every question is now 'Enabled' by default with the toggle 'ON'. If you want to disable a question you would turn this toggle off. (NA)
  • If you are using a 'Concept' and are trying to prioritize the assignment using the 'List' feature you can now use an ellipsis to define your list. This will work in both ascending and descending order. As an example, you can know enter '1...100' if you would like to start a 1. You can also use the reverse to prioritize in descending order such as '100...1'. 
  • When uploading a file in the 'Lookups' section of the 'Build & Edit Tool' you will now have a progress indicator so you can have a better understanding of how long the file will take to upload. (SP-3847)
  • When using the testing link you will now be sent directly to the corresponding redirect. Prior to this release you would see a table that would provide some details by default. This table will only appear if the 'Response Labels & Page Logic' toggle is on in the 'Survey Testing Tools'. (SP-3302)
  • We have also enhanced the 'Smart Name Suggestions' when creating new questions. After you have created your first question, the system will then suggest the next numeric increment available. Example: You program your first question, "S1", the system will then suggest "S2" for the next question. If you then switch to "Q1" it will then suggest "Q2" for the next new question. This will only happen after the first question is created during your programming session. (NA)

Bug Fixes

  • We adjusted the 'PROPER' formula syntax to work as "title" case, upper-casing the first character of every word and lower-casing the rest. Prior to this adjustment if the text was entirely upper case then the 'PROPER' syntax would leave all the text as is and the characters that should have been updated to be lower case were left as upper case. (SP-3836)
  • When cloning a survey which used the 'Set Single Datapoint' or 'Set Multiple Datapoint' part of the formula would not be cloned and it would have to be manually updated. This has been accounted for and will now be a part of the survey cloning process. (HS-8336)
  • If a survey was closed and a 'Closed' redirect was not entered manually a respondent would see a blank page. This has been accounted for and the defaults will now appear as appropriate. (HS-8258)
  • If you cloned a multi-lingual survey using 'Other - XX' as a country placeholder and removed it from the list it would still appear as part of the 'Locale' variable. (HS-8233)
  • If you programmed a survey and the first action that could happen was a termination, you would get an error using the 'Test Link' and the 'Testing Tools Menu' would not load. The system now accounts for this scenario. (HS-8179)
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