Sample Sources & End Pages Overview

This article will provide some background on the Sample Sources card and its uses


The 'Sample Sources & End Pages' card will be the location in the system used to review and update anything tied to recruitment. This will allow you to:

  • Add a Sample Source/Recruiter
  • Update text redirects by locale for each Sample Source
  • Update recruitment URLs by sample source
  • Utilize both text and URL redirects. Respondents will be show the text programmed and will then be redirected to the URL after a 5 second delay

Accessing 'Sample Sources & End Pages'

  1. Access the 'Build & Edit' Tool for the survey you are working on
    1. See article: Quick Access Menu
  2. Access the 'Survey Settings' section of the question tree
    1. See article: Survey Settings Overview
  3. Once you expand the 'Survey Settings', click on 'Sample Sources & End Pages' to open up the card 

  4. By default every survey will have two Sample Sources setup
    1. 'End Page Text' - This will be a generic link that will only provide text once a survey outcome has occurred. 
    2. 'Critical Mix Automated' - This Sample Source is setup for you if you are using Panel Sample from Critical Mix. This is automatic once setup by a Sample Manager using the live link. 
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