2018.12.11 - Release Notes - 411 (v19.0.0)

CMIX Version: 411 (v19.0.0)
Sprint: 10 
Release Date: 2018.12.11 @1:30PM EST

New Features

  • Sample Sources & End Pages:
    • We added a 'Default Source' for end pages (SP-3741)
    • We renamed the 'Sample Sources' card to be 'Sample Sources & End Pages' (SP-3745)
    • You can now update content such as the passcode variable name by Sample Source (SP-3746)
    • There is now an option to update redirects by using a link, text or both. These are also configurable by both Sample Source and Locale combination (SP-3747)
  • We have added a new logic action which allows you to switch locales at any point in a survey. (SP-3789)


  • We have added a quick way to filter response lists when using a 'Shared List' (SP-3697)
  • We have added a new variable to the 'Export Files' section of the platform. This variable will be available in all surveys and will provide the last page seen to a respondent. (SP-3809)
  • We have updated the message that comes up when cloning a survey which is too large. It now alerts you that the process is still running and to check back in a few minutes. The generic message prior to this made users believe the cloning process was failing. (SP-3705) 
  • Now when going back and forth from the 'Launchpad' (Project List) any search criteria will be saved by the browser unless a user clears them out. This is only available when you use the back button in your browser. (SP-3700)
  • We have added support for 'Quotas' using the 'Survey Markup' feature (SP-2870)

Bug Fixes

  • There was a bug tied to the 'Tasks' feature that would allow you to upload files but you could not download them once uploaded. (SP-3778)
  • There was a bug with the randomizations specifically in 'Drag & Drop Bucket' and 'Drag & Drop Scale' questions. If you were trying to randomize either of these questions using a previous order with the 'reverse' option toggled on it would not work. It would only work if the randomization was created with the 'Drag & Drop'.  (HS-7805)
  • *When using 'Logic Block Pages' the 'Set Variable' action was listed twice on the list. We have adjusted accordingly. (SP-3723)
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