Coordinate Tracker Heat Map

This article will go over the 'Coordinate Tracker Heat Map' 


If your project has a 'Coordinate Tracker Exercise' you may want to have a Data Visualization that can help display the responses (clicked areas) over the image evaluated. 


  1. Program your 'Coordinate Tracker'
    1. See article: Advanced Question: Coordinate Tracker
  2. Generate some data so you have responses to review. This can be test or live data. 
  3. Once you have the data, access the 'Validate Data Tool' 
    1. See article: Validate Data Overview
  4. Search for the corresponding 'Coordinate Tracker Exercise' question number on the left and check it off so it appear in the main screen. In this case its Q4. 

  5. You can also adjust the 'Heat Map Controls' to customize the way the map appears using sliders:

    1. Radius - Adjusts the size of the selected areas
      • Left is smaller
      • Right is larger 
    2. Blur - Adjusts the appearance of the selected areas
      • Left makes is look more like a dot 
      • Right makes it blend into the other selected areas 
    3. Opacity - Adjusts how clear the selected areas are so you can see the original image or not
      • Left shows the original image through the selected items 
      • Right brings the selected ares forward showing less of the original image behind it 
  6. You can then either review from here or take a screen shot to add to any other materials such as Power Point.
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