Terminating a Respondent

This article will show you how to 'Terminate a Respondent' 


One of the most important procedures you will need to understand is how to terminate a respondent. The process is identical in all situations. The only difference is the specific condition which can be very simple or very difficult. 

Terminating a Respondent

  1. The first thing you will need to do is add a 'Logic Block Page'
    1. See article: Add a Logic Block Page
  2. Next, add a 'Logic Block' to the page
    1. See article: Adding a Logic Block
  3. You will want to select 'Only If' in the 'Run Actions' drop-down 

  4. Type in your formula as needed in the 'Condition' 

  5. The 'Description' field is not required but can be used to explain the formula 

  6. In the 'Add Action' drop-down select 'Terminate' 

  7. Select the 'Terminate Using Code' drop-down

  8. Click on the '+ New Code' 

  9. The 'New Termination Code' screen will pop up 

  10. On the screen type in a 'Termination Code' that can easily let you know what the reason or location in the survey the termination is tied to. The most common code to use is the question number it is tied to. You can also type in a keyword such as 'Gender' if this is a gender question.  

  11. Click 'Create' when you are done 

  12. Your 'Termination Code' has been setup and will now appear. The 'Termination Codes' created while programming are used to create the 'Termination Report' on the 'Survey Dashboard'

  13. Your termination point is now setup. Make sure to test to confirm it is working as intended. 

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