Fielding Stats Export

This article will discuss the 'Fielding Stats Export' report 


In many cases it is beneficial to be able to export information and statistics you can download and share with others who do not have access to Cmix. The 'Fielding Stats Export' will allow you to export a project summary you can forward to anyone as you see fit. 

 Accessing the 'Fielding Stats Export'

  1. Access the 'Survey Dashboard' for the specific project 
    1. See article: Accessing the Dashboard
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the project name 
  3. The 'Project Settings' menu will then appear. Depending on your permissions you may not have the ability to update the 'Survey Status'

  4. Click on the 'Download Project Fielding Stats' button 

  5. The file will then be downloaded to your device

The 'Fielding Stats Report' 

  1. Open the file that has been downloaded 
  2. You will have multiple tabs tied to your project. These include:
    1. Summary - Provides the overall project sampling statistics such as Starts, Completes, Terms and Abandons
    2. Devices - The list of devices used to access the survey
    3. Top Abandon Points - The list of top abandons for the survey
    4. Termination Report - The list of termination points for the survey
    5. Sample Providers - The list of sample providers setup on the survey 
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