2018.10.30 - Release Notes - 409 (v17.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 409 (v17.0.0) - Sprint 8
Release Date: 2018.10.30 @10AM EST

New Features

  • We have added a brand new export feature to the 'Data Downloads'. In addition to all of the current options, there is now a 'Triple S' export option. (SP-3499)
  • A new feature called the 'Fielding Stats Export' will allow users to export survey stats to Excel. (SP-3496)
  • We have added a new 'Coordinate Tracker Heat Map'. This will allow surveys containing 'Coordinate Tracker' exercises to have a corresponding 'Heat Map' used for Data Visualization. This feature is located within the 'Validate Data Tool'. 
  • 'Logic Block' features
    • We have added the ability to loop through both questions and variables (SP-3580)
    • We have added 2 new 'Logic Actions' for more complex formula evaluation: (SP-3581)
      • 'Set Single DataPoint' - Allows you to dynamically create formulas to set 'Single DataPoints' such as a 'Radio' and 'Single Variable'. These are questions/variables that can only be set to 1 mutually exclusive option. 
      • 'Set Multiple DataPoint' - Allows dynamically determining the question/variable name, the response name, and the value to set it to in a logic block.


  • We have been making some enhancements to the new 'Email Campaigns' feature which is currently in BETA (SP-3518)
  • We have updated the filters in the 'Launchpad' (Project List) to be more user friendly (SP-2465)
  • The 'Email Campaigns' feature now allows for the sending of reminders. (SP-3344)
  • We have optimized the filter options in the 'Validate Data' Tool. (SP-3566)
  • We have updated the 'Bulk Update' process to now allow you the ability to update recode data using RESP_TOKEN (also known as the passcode) in addition to the use of CID. (SP-3619)

Bug Fixes

  • If you were using a test link in Internet Explorer (IE) some of the icons were displaying in Asian characters. This is no longer the case and it looks the same across all browsers. (SP-3584)
  • If you were using a 'Single Variable' without and response list and were setting it with logic and then updated the variable to include a response list the logic would not set it correctly. This should now be accounted for (SP-3308)
  • 'Validate Data' Updates
    • 'Slider' question reporting has been updated for better usage. These will now report like 'Numeric' questions. (SP-3351)
    • 'Drag and Drop Scale' question reporting has been updated for better usage.  These will now report like 'Numeric' questions. (SP-3352)
    • 'Simple Grid - Text' question reporting has been updated for better usage. These will now report counts. (SP-3353)
  • The 'Manage Users' section of the platform was displaying some users without an associated role. This is no longer the case and the roles appear accordingly (SP-3528)
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