Sending Sample

This article will show you how to send sample using the 'Email Campaigns' feature 


Once you have everything setup, its time to send your email invites. 

Sending Sample

  1. Access the 'Email Campaigns' section of the Dashboard
  2. Add a new 'Email Campaign' 
  3. Setup your 'Seed List'. This is used for sending test emails to specific people to review and approve the 'Email Invitation'
  4. Upload your 'Client Sample'
  5. Create your 'Email Send' 
    1. See article: Creating an Email Send
  6. Click on the 'Email Send' you would like to send sample to 

  7. Click on the '+ Sample' button 

  8. Use the drop-down to select the 'Sample File' you would like to use 

  9. Once you select the file you want to use, the following will appear 

  10. You now have some options:
    1. 'Maximum Recipient' - This is a required field. You must enter the amount of emails you want added to the email send. The total sample amount is listed at the bottom of the screen as a reminder.
    2. 'Randomize' - This is an optional checkbox that allows you to select a 'random' subset of your total sample. If you do not select this option, the emails will be selected in sequential order based on the file. 
  11. Once you are done, click the 'Add' button 

  12. The 'Sample' line item will then appear within the 'Email Sends' 

  13. Before you can send out actual sample, the system requires that you send a 'Test' email to at least one email on your 'Seed List'. This forces users to review/test the 'Email Send' to verify everything is correct. 
    1. Click on the 'Test' button within the 'Email Send' 
    2. Select the emails you would like to send the test email to by clicking on the box next to each one and then click 'Send'. Within a few moments the emails should be recieved. 
    3. Based on the review of your internal team you can either make edits to your send or leave it as is
  14. You will also need to make sure the project status is set to "live" as well
    1. See article: Overall Project Status
  15. Once everything has been confirmed, click on 'Schedule Deployment'. 
    1. The next screen will allow you provice the send options
      • 'Send Immediately' - This will hide the date/time options and will allow you to 'Send'
      • 'Schedule' - Allows you to select a date and time in the future and 'Send' when ready
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