Uploading Client Sample

This article will discuss the 'Uploading Client Sample' 


Client Sample is usually provided in a spreadsheet. It may even contain other information such as first name, last name and any other pertinent information. You can upload this file directly to your 'Email Campaign' so you can use it to not only send the email invites but also pipe in any of the information contained within to personalize the invitation. 

Uploading Client Sample

  1. Create an 'Email Campaign' if you haven't already. You will need at least one to begin. 
  2. Save your Client List spreadsheet somewhere you can easily access it. 
    1. Create a CSV, XLSX or TSVfile which contains all the pertinent information and save it where you would like on your computer. This will usually contain a column with first name, last name and any other information you would like to possibly be piped into your email invitation. 
      • NOTE: You MUST have a column called 'email_address'
      • Below is a basic example of a .CSV file with two respondents and column headers 
  3. The '+ Sample' is located on the top left 

  4. The following pop-up will appear 

  5. Click on the 'Select File' button and search for your file 

  6. Your file name will then appear and next click the 'Next' button 

  7. The next screen will confirm the information your are uploading. Review this information and click 'Upload' when you are ready

  8. The file will start getting processed. Once the file has been uploaded you will see an additional line item appear with the name of your file and the total number of respondents. 
    • This process may take some time as the system attempts to clean out your list. It is common to have a file with 1000 recipients but the interface reflects a lower number. 
    • The upload process takes about ~2 seconds per recipient 
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