Quota Activity Settings

This article will detail the Quota Activity Settings options


The 'Quota Activity Settings' are used to help control quotas. It will allow you to count respondents that are both completes and in-process within the time frame indicated when checking quotas. These are the things to keep in mind when considering to update these settings:

  • The default is 5 mins
  • The maximum you can increase this number to is 60 minutes
  • The higher you make this number, the more people will be counted towards being considered filled. This allows you to decrease the possibility of over quotas
  • The lower you make this number, the more people you will be allowing to get by a quota check. 
  • You can turn this off all together as well

Quota Activity Settings

Follow the steps below to access and update the 'Quota Inactivity Settings'

  1. Access the 'Build & Edit' Tool
  2. Access the 'Survey Settings'
  3. Click on 'Quotas' from the 'Survey Settings' Menu 
  4. This will open the 'Quota Settings' Card. From this card click on the gear icon to access the 'Quota Settings' 

  5. This will open open the 'Quota Settings' on the far right 

  6. Now you have some choices to make

    1. Increase the 'Quota Activity Inclusion Minutes'. 
      • The default is 5 minutes
      • The maximum allowable is 60 minutes
    2. Decrease the 'Quota Activity Inclusion Minutes'. 
      • The minimum allowable range is 1 minute
    3. The other option would be to turn this off all together by turning the 'Check Quotas After Inactivity' off 
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