2018.10.02 - Release Notes - 408 (v16.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 408 (v16.0.0)
Release Date: 2018.10.02 @1:30PM EST

New Features

  • One of our newest and most exciting new features is 'Email Campaigns'. This will allow users to send client list sample directly from the 'Survey Dashboard'. 


  • We added an additional item to the event logs if you add an additional language/locale. 
  • We update the 'XLSX_READABLE' download to also add the numeric labels for 'Scale' questions. (SP-3306)

Bug Fixes

  • When using the built in input patterns, the code was not looking at the entire input to validate. It was just looking at the end of the string. (HS-7156)
  • With updates made to the Chrome Browser if you tried to use the browser refresh button you would get a pop up alerting you to the situation. We have now accounted for this. (HS-6611)
  • If you were adding a question from a 'Questions Library', it will allow you to name the question initially with spaces and other special characters. This has been adjusted and the naming convention is now consistent across all areas of the 'Build & Edit Tool'. (HS-7129)
  • The 'Sample Purveyor' user role has been updated to allow users to view the 'Terms & Dropouts' on the 'Survey Dashboard'. (HS-7104)
  • When cloning a survey containing 'Complex Grid' question types which also have a running total, the running total was not generated in the new survey version. Now the running total feature will come along with the new survey. (HS-7106)
  • Image Highlighter questions were not always showing error messages as appropriate. We have accounted for this as well. (HS-7081)
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