Translations: Overview

This article will give you a background on the translations process 


The Translation and Localization process will allow you to run multilingual surveys within the same project. This allows the following:

  • Combined quotas if needed across all countries
  • The data to be housed in one place 

Download Options

There are two download options:

  1. Deduped Files: This option allows you to download files which have been deduped. This means any text that appears more than once throughout the survey will only show up once in the files. This is meant to save time and cost in the translations process. 
    1. See article: Translations: Deduped Files
  2. Non-Deduped Files: This option allows you to download files from the program as is. The only items that will be truncated are shared lists. 
    1. See article: Translations: Non-Dedupe Files

Default Text

The 'Default Text' section of CMIX provides you access to all of the default text for the platform. This includes items such as: 

  • Standard Error Messages
  • Progress Bar Text
  • Next/Back Button Text

In order to aid in this process, we have pre-translated the 'Default Text' for the following language/country combinations. This allows you to have less to be translated saving you time and possibly money if you are paying for that service.  

  • ar-AE 
  • da-DK 
  • de-DE 
  • el-GR 
  • en-AE 
  • en-AU 
  • en-CA
  • en-GB 
  • en-IN 
  • en-NZ 
  • en-US 
  • es-AR 
  • es-CL 
  • es-CO
  • es-ES 
  • es-MX 
  • fi-FI 
  • fr-BE 
  • fr-FR 
  • he-IL 
  • id-ID
  • it-IT 
  • ja-JP 
  • ko-KR
  • nl-BE 
  • nl-NL 
  • pl-PL 
  • pt-BR 
  • ru-RU
  • sv-SE 
  • th-TH 
  • tr-TR 
  • uk-UA 
  • vi-VN 
  • zh-CN 
  • zh-TW
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