This article will explain provide details and examples of this formula syntax usage


This formula syntax is used when you are trying to lookup data using the current survey you are working on or a completely different survey. Some reasons/examples you would use this are:

  • You want to lookup data for a specific respondent because he/she is taking a followup survey and you want to bring over his/her answers to specific questions. 

Note the following when testing and/or troubleshooting: 

  • When trying to use this formula, it will only look at the same value of the TEST variable. 
    • So if you are using the TEST link, it will only look at the TEST respondents (TEST=Y)
    • If you are using a LIVE link, it will only look at the LIVE respondents (TEST=N)

Formula Syntax


    • The survey number tied to the specific survey you want to 
    • See article: Survey ID
    • This is what you are trying to lookup for the comparison from the existing survey
    • This is the question/variable name you want you want to look up in the survey you are checking against
    • This must be surrounded by quotes
    • The question/variable name in the corresponding survey you are trying to return
    • This must be surrounded by quotes 


Survey takers are doing a Home Usage Test (also called HUT). Here people are sent a product to try and then take a followup survey based on their experience. The initial survey is a screener to see if the person fits the criteria of the rest of the project and to check his/her availability. If the person was able to complete, he/she would be sent the product to test and take the followup survey. You may need the answers from the screener survey in the followup survey. This way the person can answer questions properly based on prior answers. 

Lets assume the following: 

  • From the Screener Survey:
    • The 'Survey ID' is 123456
    • The passcode was saved as "RESP_TOKEN"
    • We want to bring over the answer to Q1 from survey number 1 to survey number 2
  • In the followup survey, the Recall
    • You programmed an identical question called Q1. The same as the one in the screener
    • The passcode from the Screener is being passed into Recall as "OID" (Original ID), an additional variable you created
  • You can then use the following formula to set Q1 to the same answer in the Recall as the one from the Screener
    • Always:
      Set Q1 equal to: SURVEY_LOOKUP ( 123456, OID, "RESP_TOKEN" , "Q1" )
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