2018.09.04 - Release Notes - 407 (v15.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 407 (v15.0.0)
Release Date: 2018.09.04 @1:30PM EST

New Features

  • We have added a filter the the Question Tree within the 'Build & Edit Tool' so users can quickly and easily access questions. This will aid in the edits process. (SP-2948)
  • We have continued to work on our newest feature on the Dashboard, Email Campaigns. This feature will be released to all users in an upcoming release. (SP-3319)
  • We have create a new formula which can be used to take Test Data Generation into account. 


  • Test Data Generation (SP-2361)
    • We have revamped the Test Data Generation algorithm to add efficiencies such as quicker test data creation and higher quality of test data. 
    • Test Data Generation will now be able to take 'Custom Logic Pages' into account. 
    • We have adjusted the Test Data Generation process to make the 'Test Run Name' auto-populate if one is not specified. (SP-3409)
    • You can also 'Run More' test data to use the exact specifications again if needed so you do not have to start the process over again. (SP-3410)

Bug Fixes

  • We have added the ability to print back to the 'Tasks' on the 'Survey Dashboard'. It was removed as part of updates to the 'Survey Dashboard' and is back by popular demand. (SP-3411)
  • If you were using 'Response Groups' in questions, the corresponding variables/sub-questions would appear in an odd order in the 'Data Downloads'. (SP-3396)
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