Text: Unaided Awareness - Each Item Disabled Until Previous Entered

This article will help you program am Unaided Awareness question with each item disabled until the previous one has been entered

Unaided Awareness Question

You can setup an Unaided Awareness question with multiple parts and have the boxes disabled for the next box until the previous one has been used. This allows you to have data entered in consecutive boxes.

Click here to see an example


  1. Add a 'Text Fields' question type to your survey with all of the appropriate responses
    1. See article: Standard Question: Text Fields
  2. Add the code below to your '+ Javascript'. 
    1. See article: Adding JavaScript and/or CSS to a Question
      			var jInputs = jQuery(this).find('.cm-text-input-container input[type="text"]');
      			jInputs.prop('disabled', true);
      			jInputs.first().prop('disabled', false);
      			var jRows = jQuery(this).find('.cm-response-container');
      			jRows.css("display", "none");
      			jRows.slice(0, 20).css("display", "block");
      			jInputs.on('change keyup paste', function(event)
      				var target = event.currentTarget;
      				var jTarget = jQuery(target);
      				var value = jTarget.val();
      				if (value.trim() != "")
      					var index = jInputs.index(target);
      					if (jInputs.length > index)
      						jQuery(jRows[index + 1]).css("display", "block");
      						jQuery(jInputs[index + 1]).prop('disabled', false);
  3. Add the code below to '+ CSS'. 
    1. See article: Adding JavaScript and/or CSS to a Question
      .cm-text-response-set input[type="text"]:disabled {
      background-color: #ECECEC;
  4. Make sure to test
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