Script: Sliders - Move Label from Left to Above the Slider

This article will help you move the left label above the slider itself in a slider question


You may want to display your left labels above the slider itself. This script will help you set that up. 


  1. Program your 'Slider' question
  2.  Add the following code to the 'ADD JAVASCRIPT' field
    • See article: Adding JavaScript and/or CSS to a Question
    • Update the number in row two to display the scale every X rows
      // Move the slider label from the left to above.
      var $ = jQuery;
      $(".cm-slider-container").each(function()	{
      		var empty_row = $(this).find(".cm-slider-empty-row"),
      			label = $(this).find(".cm-slider-row__label-cell label"),
      			label_content = label.html();
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