2018.08.14 - Release Notes - 406 (v14.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 406 (v14.0.0)
Release Date: 2018.08.14 @11am EST

New Features

  • None during this Release Cycle


  • Validate Data Tool
    • In the 'Validate Data Tool' we have collapsed logic blocks by default to reduced scrolling and enhance usability. (SP-2882)
    • We have also added a button within the 'Validate Data Tool' that will allow you to close/remove questions from the main screen. (SP-2884)
    • We created another new button that will allow you to close all items in the main screen of the 'Validate Data Tool'. (SP-2888)
    • We have reorganized the columns in the question tables in the main screen for easier readability. (SP-2878)
    • If you had a 'Checkbox' question with an 'other specify' option, you would see two rows in the table. One for the checkbox and an additional one for the specify box. We have removed the one tied to the specify box as they would be identical. (SP-2880)
    • We have also simplified how 'Simple Grid' questions work within the tool. Sub-questions now appear in the same order they are programmed.  (SP-2877)
    • Items were hidden if they had a base of 0. We have now included these items so you can see if they were answered or not. (SP-2879)

Bug Fixes

  • When you attempted to use the 'Download All' button in the 'Localization' card of the 'Build & Edit Tool', it would always download a set of deduped files regardless of the checkbox being selected or not. This has been resolved and will download the files based on the 'dedupe' checkbox being selected. (SP-3257)
  • In the 'Validate Data Tool' the text and labels now appear in the default locale. Prior to this text would appear in multiple languages if multiple locales had been programmed. (SP-2887)
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