Cloning a Test Data Template

This article will show you how to Clone a Test Data Template 


'Test Data Templates' are used to help you control dummy data and allow you to create different surveys paths in order to verify them. Using the interface you can select answers to specific question in order to ensure those specific questions and variables are set in a specific way. You can create as many of these 'Test Data Templates' as needed. 

Cloning a Test Data Template

  1. Access the 'Validate Data Tool'
  2. Begin the process of 'Generating Test Data'
  3. Make sure there is a 'Test Data Template' 
  4. Select the existing 'Template' you wish to clone from the drop-down 

  5. Click 'Clone' 

  6. The next screen will ask you to enter a name for this cloned template

  7. Click 'Clone' when you are done

  8. The new template will be preset once you go back to the 'Generate Test Data' screen

  9. Click 'Edit' to make changes to this template as needed 

  10. Make your changes in the 'Test Data Template' 

  11. Click 'Save' when you are done 

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