Modify an Exported Data Layout

This article will show you how to modify a 'Data Layout' so it can then be imported


You can now use your XLXS file to manage your 'Data Layout'. You can now edit it as needed in Excel for a quick and easy import. 

Exporting Your 'Data Layout'

  1. If you haven't already created and saved a 'Layout'
  2. Click on 'Export Files' section of your survey
  3. If you haven't already, export your layout
  4. Now that you have your layout, you can open it and make changes as needed

Modifying a Layout Using the Export Feature

Use the example above as reference to make and changes as needed. Each column is detailed below:

  1. name - Is the name of your variable and should not be changed
  2. included - Use one of the following two options
    1. TRUE - If you wish to include it
    2. FALSE -  if you wish not to include it
  3. altName - Is the alternate question or variable name. 
  4. altLabel - Is the alternate response label. 
  5. width - The number of columns dedicated to this question/variable in the data
  6. forceStart - Used if you need to force a start position in the data. Used if you want to match to another survey 
  7. spssColWidth - Usually the same as the 'width' but this is specific to SPSS
  8. spssMeasure - SPSS Measure type
  9. spssAlignment - You can choose from:
    1. LEFT
    2. RIGHT
    3. CENTER 


  • Do not modify anything in columns J-N. These are for reference only
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