Adding Languages

This article describes how to add additional languages to a survey.

Adding a Language/Locale

  1. Access the 'Localizations' Card in the 'Build & Edit' Tool.
    1. See article: Translations: Accessing Translations/Localizations
  2. Scroll down to the 'Add New Localization' section. You will need to fill out this section for each new language/localization

  3. In this section, add a 'Code'. This will be the punch in the data for the specific locale. 

  4. Select the 'Language' 

  5. Select the 'Country'

  6. Turn on the 'Active' toggle 

  7. Click on the '+ New Localization' button 

  8. The new language/localization will appear on the list 

  9. You will then need to add a 'Sample Source' to it in order to generate the link for the localization/sample source combination. To do this, click on the pencil icon in the 'Sample Sources' column. 

  10. Select the 'Sample Sources' you will be using for this language/localization 

    1. See article: Sample Sources: Add a Sample Source
  11. The final outcome should look something link this
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