Dashboard Overview

This article will provide an overview of the survey Dashboard


The 'Survey Dashboard' is the central location for any and all information tied to your survey. It is organized into 5 distinct groups:

  1. Manage & Monitor: This is the default section you will land on when accessing the 'Dashboard'. It is a general overview of your survey. It allows you to review 'General Details', an overall 'Fielding Summary', 'Access' for both users and groups as well as 'Survey Links'.
  2. Programming:
    • Build & Edit: Opens a new tab and will open the 'Build & Edit' Tool where all survey programming is done
    • Markup Editor: Here you can work on your survey outside of the 'UI' (User Interface); This is the link to our code based survey programming interface
    • Preview & Test: Will open a test session in a new tab for your default locale
    • Tasks: Contains the list to all survey tasks added to your survey
    • Review Outline: Is a single scrolling document of your survey including all questions and logic. It also contains an alternate view to show only survey questions as if it were a clear version of your questionnaire. 
    • Validate Data: Allows you to generate and review test data for quality assurance purposes
  3. Fielding:
    • Survey link: List of all the survey links programmed for your specific project
    • Quotas: Allows you to review and update quota limits while in field
    • Fielding Stats: Will show you the overall stats based on survey traffic, a response times report which can be customized and a list of platforms used to take the survey
    • Terms & Dropouts: This section contains the 'Termination Report' and 'Top Abandon Points' which can be sorted and filtered.
    • Email Campaigns: Though this section is still under construction, once completed, it will provide the ability and interface to be able to send client list sample directly from Cmix. 
  4. Data/Reporting:
    • Interactive Reporting: Is a link from Cmix which syncs data to the MarketSight platform which provides a wide variety of robust reporting and exporting features.
    • Legacy Reporting: Is a link to our original reporting option. This will be retired within the next few months. 
    • Inspect & Edit Records: This section will allow you to review and update respondent status
    • Bulk Update: Allows you to update and recode data using a spreadsheet. This section will also provide a history of prior 'Bulk Updates' as well as the ability to download the file used
    • Export Files: Provides you access to all the data download options currently built into the system. 
  5. Admin:
    • Activity Log: A running log of many of the items done by each user. 
    • Cmix Admin: Is an internal location to link job numbers and project notes
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