2018.07.31 - Release Notes - 405 (v13.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 405 (v13.0.0) 
Release Date: 2018.07.31 @ 10am EST

Important Notes:

  • We have revamped the survey 'Dashboard'. This was done in order to both organize information as well as make survey navigation a lot easier. Below is a link to the overview. Further down in the Release Notes you will see some specific items we wanted to bring to your attention.
  • We will be retiring the 'Legacy Reporting' feature within CMIX as of August 1, 2018. 'Interactive Reporting' is in place and it contains many more robust features. 

New Features

  • NEW Survey Dashboard:
    • There is a brand new look and feel to the 'Survey Dashboard'. We have made it much more user friendly and intuitive. 
    • We have added a new sub-menu to the top of the Survey Dashboard to allow users to switch to another 'Survey Dashboard' quickly and easily. This will allow users to get their information quicker and without having to go back to the 'Launchpad' (Project List). (SP-2498)
    • You can now switch your survey status directly from the 'Survey Dashboard'. You still have this ability in the 'Build & Edit' Tool. 
    • In order to organize the test data process we have moved the test data generation options into the 'Validate Data Tool'. This now becomes a single location where you can both create and manage test data as well as review it. 
    • This new 'Test Data Generation' setup now allows you to clone test data generation templates should you need to create different survey test paths with similar answers. 
    • In the 'Export Files' section of the 'Survey Dashboard' we have added the ability to filter a data file using logic syntax. This way you can quickly and easily access only the information you need without having to download a full data set. 
    • (BETA) We have also added access to our 'Survey Markup' feature which can allow you to work outside of the user interface to program surveys and/or make edits to them. This feature is currently in BETA
    • We have added the 'CMIX Admin' section. This is for Critical Mix Employees only and it provides the ability to update job numbers, add billing line item and update the company.


  • We have added more information to the 'Interactive Reporting' dialogue when syncing data. This will allow for more useful error messaging should that circumstance arise. (SP-2758)
  • We have added the ability to edit Test Data Templates in the 'Validate Data Tool'. This will allow for a more streamlined usage of the tool as well as fewer clicks and navigation. (SP-2577)
  • We have also added the ability to use formula syntax to filter a data download. (SP-2805)
  • We now show any custom JavaScript Code in JS Node Custom Logic pages in the 'Review Outline' Tool in order to aid in Quality Assurance checks. It will also protect any lines of code with the word 'password' by replacing it with '### Line Hidden ###'. (SP-2792)
  • We have added a 'Project Log' entry when someone accesses the 'Build & Edit Tool'. (SP-2872)
  • We have added a limit of 20 total page logic actions. This has been added in place to aid in survey performance efficiencies. This restriction is tied to 'On Load' and 'On Submit' actions added directly on a page. You can continue to use 'Logic Block Pages' without any limitations. (SP-2834)
  • Translation Process Updates (SP-2826)
    • We have added a number of error messages to alert the users to specific issues when a translation file has been imported. This will provide actionable detail that will allow users to make adjustments to the file as needed. 
    • When uploading, you now have the ability to check a box to clear content if the corresponding cells in the file are blank. By default, blanks are ignored. 
  • We have added the autofill functionality for the 'Scale' question while testing a survey. 

Bug Fixes

  • With the new enhancements to the 'Simple Grids' tied to the 'Button Display' feature, we have updated the 'Review Outline Tool' to look more like what the question will look like while taking the survey. (SP-2802)
  • If you were using a 'Simple Grid' with a large number of columns, a shadow would appear on each side on iOS. (SP-2936)
  • We had a bug tied to 'Simple Grids' using a 'Don't Know' option that would not allow you to advance past the question. This has been updated. (SP-2801)
  • Testing Tools
    • When testing on iOS, you would have a hard time scrolling down. It would occasionally bump you back to the top of the screen. This has been resolved. (SP-2962)
    • While using the testing link on mobile devices, we have adjusted the testing tools menu to have a font size to match the survey itself and vice versa. (SP-2956)
    • While using the testing link, questions could have appeared wider than with the live link. We have accounted for this so each question will render the same way using either the live link or the test link. (SP-3002)
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