Script: Show NEXT Button After Hyperlink is Clicked

This article will show you how to show the next page button after a hyperlink has been clicked.


You may have the need to stop a respondent from continuing a survey unless they click on a hyperlink which you have programmed. The steps below will show you how to do so. 


  1. Program your question
  2. In the 'Source Code Editor' of the field you wish to add the hyperlink to, add the code below. 
    • See article: Source Code Editor
    •  <a href="" onclick="cmSurvey.hideNextButton(false);" target="_blank">Click hyperlink</a>
  3. In the code above you will need to replace a couple of items:
    • Replace the "" with the link to the site you need. Make sure there are quotation marks around the link. 
    • Replace the 'Click hyperlink' text, with the specific text you want to appear as the hyperlink
  4. Add the following code to the '+ Javascript' field
  5. Make sure to test to confirm its working as intended.

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