Complex Grid: Combination Highlighter

This article will show you how to use a Complex Grid to program a Combination Highlighter


A 'Combination Highlighter' refers to having both a 'Text Highlighter' and an 'Image Highlighter' in the same exercise. The instructions below will show you how to accomplish this. 


Before you start, you will want to make sure you have your concept layout out. This is most likely provided to you by the client. Once you have the layout finalized, you can now start programming.

Adding a Complex Grid Question

  1. If you have not created a question before, please see the following article before you begin 
    1. How to add a Question
  2. The 'New Question' box will then appear
    1. Edit the question number if necessary. 
    2. Select 'Advanced' from the Question menu
    3. Select 'Complex Grid' 
    4. Click 'Create'


Now that your question has been created, its time to customize it. 

  1. Add your question text as needed

Adding Your Highlighters

Now that you have your concept finalized and your 'Complex Grid' programmed, its time to bring it to life. You will need to add each section in one at a time. 

  1. Click on a cell in the grid where you want to place the first highlighter. This will highlight the cell.  

  2. Click on the 'Add Question' icon to add a question to the selected cell. 
    1. Here you will select either:
      • Text Highlighter
      • Image Highlighter
  3. Now the specific highlighter question you added will be contained within that specific cell. Click on the 'Edit' icon to open the specific interface and create the corresponding highlighter. This will open a separate card identical to the question you added to the cell. 
  4. While in each question you create, you will need to also update the 'Overall Question Settings' for that Highlighter Card. 
    • See article: Overall Question Settings
    • You will most likely want to turn off the following settings:
      • Show Key - Since you will have more than one highlighter, you will most likely not want the key to appear for each cell of the grid
      • Show Borders - You will most likely want to remove this setting because the grid itself will have borders (if needed)
      • Require a Response - Since each question is independent of the rest, you would need to select at least item from each highlighter. 

Formatting Your Grid

  1. Once you have added the questions to each cell, you need to deleted the unused columns. To do this: 
    1. Click on the column numbers that do not have any questions in them. Below is an example: 

    2. Click on the vertical ellipsis and select 'Delete Column' 

    3. Now your grid will look like this: 

  2. Now you need to do the same thing for you rows:
    1. Click on the row numbers that do not have any questions in them.  
    2. Click on the horizontal ellipsis and select 'Delete Row' 
    3. Now your grid will look like this: 
  3. You will also need to update the 'Grid Settings'
    1. Click on the very top left cell. This will select the entire grid. 
    2. Now click on the gear icon within the grid. 
    3. In the 'Grid Settings', turn on the 'Hide Cell Border'. By default, each cell in the grid will have borders and this will allow you to turn them off, if needed. 

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