2018.06.26 - Release Notes - 404 (v12.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 404 (v12.0.0) 
Release Date: 2018.06.26

Important Notes:

  • We will be retiring the 'Legacy Reporting' feature within CMIX as of August 1, 2018. 'Interactive Reporting' is in place and it contains many more robust features. 

New Features

  • Simple Grids - We have added some new functionality to allow better mobile usage of Simple Grids. (SP-2516)
    • In the overall settings of the question you will now see a 'Mobile Smart' toggle. This will flip the orientation of the grid on mobile devices so its easier to read and use while on smaller devices. It will also decrease horizontal scrolling (SP-2515)
    • We have also added a flag on the 'Review Outline' for Simple Grids if the 'Mobile Smart' toggle is turned on. (SP-2517)
  • Simple Grids - We have also added the ability to buttonize the options for both radio and checkbox versions. This makes the visual change a quick and easy way to make grids look different. (SP-2519)
    • In the overall settings of the question you will now see a 'Button Display' toggle. This will display radios and/or checkboxes as text based buttons that will display the corresponding row or column content. This provides an added ease of use to these specific question types. (SP-2515)
    • We have also added a flag on the 'Review Outline' for Simple Grids if the 'Button Display' toggle is turned on. (SP-2518)
  • We have added a "Terms of Service" 
    • When you first log in, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions (SP-2725)
    • There is also a link to the 'Terms of Service' available at the bottom of the screen so you can review at any time. (SP-2724)


  • We have adjusted the survey testing tools so they do not appear over the survey. They are now embedded and this will condense the survey screen so you can see as much as possible when testing your survey. This includes the next page button which was covered forcing you to open and close the testing tools numerous times. This will make the testing process as efficient as possible with minimal clicks. (SP-2768)

Bug Fixes

  • If you had a 'Dropdown' question which you setup with the labels on the left, they would only appear if you were also using the right labels in conjunction. This has now been adjusted and you can use one or the other as needed. (SP-2769)
  • If a user was trying to upload an image or video which using the 'Edit Survey Content' feature in the 'Survey Testing Tools', the media was being saved to the wrong place and those links would expire. This has also been adjusted so you can utilize this feature as needed when updating content containing images or videos. (SP-2783)
  • If you were trying to access the 'Validate Data' tool without being logged into the system, you would get an error. Now you get redirected to the login page without getting an error. (SP-2815)
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