Translations: Working with Translation Files

This article will help you to get started setting up translation files for import.

Making Adjustments to the Translation File After Download

Once you have your translations spreadsheet you may need to make some adjustments:

  • Translation workbooks currently download some characters encoded. i.e. Apostrophes will download as ' You'll have to find and replace these before sending the file for translation. You'll also have to replace them when you receive the file back from the translators and before you upload it to the SAT. Some common ones include:
    • apostrophe ' as ' '  
    • space as    
    • double quotes " as "

Making Adjustments to the Translation File Before Upload

Take the following into account before uploading your finalized translations

  • If changes have been made in column C ('Reference Locale'), these will also be processed. The following are a couple of things you can do account for this:
    • You may want to lock columns A, B and C before sending to the translators for this reason
    • You do not have to include column C in the file when uploading it. As long as columns A and B are in the file you should have no problem. 
  • If changes are made in column A, you will get an error when uploading. 
  • Make sure the first row under the header has text in for all columns (the system might not apply changes to locale in Column B if nothing appears in Row 2 for it) 
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