Script: Update a Survey Favicon

This article will help you add code to a update your survey Favicon


When taking a survey, the icon which appears in the browser tab is a blank white square. You may want to update this with a specific icon. Below is an image of what you will see by default as a real respondent. 


  1. Access the 'Build & Edit' Tool
  2. You will need to upload your .ico file to the 'File Upload' section
  3. Access the 'Default Text' 
  4. Click on the HTML Editor icon tied to the 'Survey Header' 
  5. Access the Source Code Editor (</>)
  6. While in the Source Code Editor, add the following code
    <script type="text/javascript">
    /* Update Survey Favicon */
    		var link = document.querySelector("link[rel*='icon']") || document.createElement('link');
    		link.type = 'image/x-icon';
    		link.rel = 'shortcut icon';
    		link.href = '';


  • This icon will ONLY appear when using the live link. Test links will still have the default Cmix icon. 
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