Sample Sources: Client Level Sample Dedupe

This article will go over how to add an overall client level sample dedupe


You may have a series of surveys which you want to control the overall sample access to. Using this feature, you will be able to control overall traffic by date and/or survey status. Some examples for usage include:

  • Not wanting duplicate respondents to take similar surveys
  • Ability to block sample based on survey status

Accessing Client Level Dedupe

  1. Access the 'Build & Edit' Tool
  2. Click on 'Survey Settings' on the left
  3. Click on 'Sample Sources' in the 'Survey Settings' menu
  4. The Dedupe options will appear at the bottom of the 'Sample Sources' card  

Add a New Client Dedupe Source Template

  1. Click on the '+ New Client Dedupe Source' button 

  2. A new window will appear asking for:

    • A name for reference
    • A description for future reference
  3. Click 'Create' when you are done 

Add the Dedupe Check to Your Survey

  1. Select your Template from the dropdown 

  2. Click the 'Add to This Survey' button 

  3. The next screen will allow you to select any combination of the following:

    • The status you want to include in the blocking
    • Start date - This will be the start date you want the Dedupe Block to start from. If you want all surveys with this Dedupe then you will leave the date blank. 
    • Click the 'Save' button when you are done
  4. Once you hit 'Save' the line item will appear at the bottom of the card and is available for you to review and/or update as needed.

Linking Surveys to the Dedupe

  1. Create your new survey from scratch or by cloning the appropriate one. 
  2. Go the the 'Sample Sources' card of the new survey
  3. Select the existing Dedupe Source Template 
  4. Adjust the options as needed ( status and start date )


Scenario 1:
You have a set of surveys in which you want to block respondents from taking a survey in this group more than once in the last 5 surveys. 

  1. Create a new dedupe source in the first survey. Lets call it "Last 5"
  2. Add this same dedupe source to each of the surveys as needed 
  3. Once you get to the 6th one, add this same source, "Last 5", but this time make sure to add a start date which is after the date the 1st survey has been completed. 
  4. Follow this same pattern accounting for the last one so you have a rolling 5 surveys. 

Scenario 2:
You want to block ALL surveys tied to this one dedupe source. 

  1. Create a new dedupe source in the first survey. Lets call it "ABC Co Block".
  2. Add this same dedupe source to each survey as needed:
    • Select each status as needed
    • Make sure NOT to add a start date to any of them. This will block ALL surveys using this dedupe source since you did not indicate a time frame. 
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