Guide: Monitoring Surveys


CMIX allows you to monitor all aspects of the fielding process. Based on your programming you will have a number of built in reports that will help you in the process. You will also be able to manage and adjust quotas easily. 

General Overview

Once you find and open the project you want to review, you can go to the 'General' Tab on the Dashboard. This will give you a snapshot of incoming traffic, incidence and time to complete.

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Terms and Dropouts

The 'Terms and Dropouts' Tab will give you statistics on specific termination points as well as abandons. 

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Monitoring and Updating Quotas

You can monitor and manage quotas to make sure you recruit the specific groups you need based on your programming.

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Looking Up a Specific Respondent

If you need to quickly access the status and responses of a specific person, you can do so in the 'Inspect & Edit Records' section. 

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Downloading Data

To review all respondent data you can also download it for review. This will allow you to check answers to verify survey paths, skip logic and more. 

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