Guide: System Navigation Overview


It is important when using the system to be able to find and utilize features quickly and efficiently. This article and accompanying links will provide a navigational tour of our platform which you can use to familiarize yourself with.

Launch Pad

When you first log into the system, you will land on the 'Pulse' Page. This will give you a snapshot of all your projects and any important information. You then have the option to click the the 'All Surveys' tab to see the list of all of your projects. 

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Once you find the specific project you want to review or work on, you will want to go to the project 'Dashboard'. This will allow you to get any malformation you may need at a high level.

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Build & Edit

If you are programming surveys, the next area you will need to learn, is the 'Build & Edit' Tool. This is where all the survey building magic happens. 

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