Bulk Edit: Response List

This article will help you utilize the Bulk Edit tool when working with Response Lists.


A 'Response List' refers to the choices or options in your question, variable or concept. Below is an example within the 'Build & Edit' Tool as well as what it would like like while taking the survey: 

  • 'Response List' in the 'Build & Edit' Tool. 
  • 'Response List' while taking the survey

You may find the need to add, modify or delete 'Response List' items for a variety of reasons. The interface will allow you to look at just the list of 'Responses' so you will not have to scroll through all the existing list. This will be shown in plain text with any formatting written with HTML.  

Accessing the Response List

  1. Access the 'Bulk Edit' Tool
  2. By default you will be on the 'Responses' tab. Here you can make any adjustments as needed
  3. Here are the options and a description of what they do
    1. Label - If you need to update the response coding, you will overwrite the numbers in the 'Label' column. These can ONLY be numbers
    2. Report Label - If you wanted to have a shorter name for your content that will appear in your data, use the 'Report Label' column. If you leave any of them blank, the text in the 'Content' field will be the default. 
    3. Type - Can you change the 'Type' if needed also. Depending on your question type, you may select any of the available options. 
    4. Group - If you have multiple 'Response Groups', you can move an item from one group to another
    5. Content - Is the text that appears in the survey itself. 
  4. Click on the 'Save' button when you are done. Once you go back to the normal card view, your updates will have taken effect
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