2018.05.22 - Release Notes - 403 (v11.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 403 (v11.0.0) 
Release Date: 2018.05.22

New Features

  • Working with images:
    • While programming, we have added the ability to upload an image to your survey directly from the question itself. This will decrease the amount of clicks and time needed to upload an image. (SP-2521)
    • You can now also upload an image directly from a questions response. (SP-2522)
    • We are also providing the ability to bulk resize images. This will allow you to create a default height and width. (SP-2528)
  • We have added the ability to add an Open End (specify option) as either a row or column attribute in Simple Grids. (SP-2530)
  • You now have the ability to dedupe sample sources on the client level as part of the digital fingerprinting process. This will allow you to control traffic as needed across multiple surveys tied to a specific client. (SP-2664)
  • We have granted internal employees access to be able to download traffic logs which contain browser and ip address. (SP-2640)
  • We are working on a new feature for a future release that will allow users to send client list sample via the project page. (SP-2648)
  • We have started preliminary design and development of a new question type that will allow respondents to capture a photo or video. This should become available in the next few releases. (SP-2699)
  • We now have ability to write Custom Node.js Script in your surveys to perform simple and complex tasks with your survey data.  You'll be able to retrieve and set datapoint values.  More information can be found here.


  • When working with Variables and Concepts, we have added a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental deletion. (SP-2739)
  • Validate Data Tool:
    • We have removed 'Static Element' question types from the 'Validate Data Tool'. (SP-2511) 
    • We have stripped out any HTML or inline styles for the question names and/or labels. (SP-2512)
    • We have highlighted the base if its zero. This will be a visual cue that a question has not been seen. (SP-2513)
    • We have added a way to easily access the questions that have a base which is lower than the overall. (SP-2514)
  • Simple Grids: 
    • We have now updated the 'Review Outline' view for 'Simple Grids' to highlight piped in content in order to be consistent with other all of the other question types. (SP-2570) 
    • Also in the 'Review Outline' view for 'Simple Grids', the grid itself may be hard to read depending on the amount of columns. We have made it easier to read. (SP-2658)
    • On Simple Grids, we have turned on the toggles for displaying both row and column headers by default so this functionality works like all the other question types. You can still turn them off in the overall question settings if needed. (SP-2649) 
  • Survey Testing Tools:
    • When testing a survey, we have slightly updated the process when you click on 'End Test' so that it closes the browser for you. (SP-2633)
    • In an effort to streamline the testing tools, we have reduced the width of the testing tools. (SP-2656)
    • We have also added some efficiencies to aid in the usage on mobile devices. (SP-2659)
  • We have added the ability to sort the count columns on the project list. (SP-2676)
  • When cloning surveys, the default company will now be the same as the one being cloned. Prior to this release it would be tied to the company of the user creating the survey. (SP-2717)

Bug Fixes

  • If you had a Simple Grid using check boxes with a mutually exclusive option and you went backwards, the entire grid would be blanked out other that the first mutually exclusive checkbox that was selected. (SP-2571)
  • We had a bug from the last release which blocked the Real Answer question type from running its checks. We have since updated the question type and it works as it should. (SP-2650)
  • There was a bug in which 'Drag & Drop Scale' questions would not display the scale itself. (SP-2657)
  • The style sheets used in the 'Review Outline' were not matching what was appearing in the 'Build & Edit Tool' while trying to preview a question. They now match. (SP-2660)
  • If you had a question without a response list the 'Review Outline' and 'Preview Survey' features would not load.
  • There was a typo in the loading screen for the 'Build & Edit Tool'. The message now reads 'Loading Editor'. (SP-2668)
  • When trying to randomize columns in a Complex Grid which had more than one header columns, the order was not working properly. (SP-2757)
  • If you were using a 'Hide If' formula in a question setting turned it off and then turned it back on, it would not work. (SP-2653)
  • If you had a dropdown question using a 'specify' option and you switched your answer
  • Test Data Generation
    • Test data generation was sometimes getting stuck because of custom randomizations. (SP-2620)
    • You could may have received an error when trying to create a test data generation template.  We updated the 'Test Data Generation' process to check against a different database to validate formulas in order to stop these errors. (SP- 2677)
  • Validate Date Tool:
    • You were not able to save a filter in the 'Validate Data Tool'. (SP-2683)
    • When you tried to clear a filter, the counts were not being removed. (SP-2727)
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