2018.04.10 - Release Notes - 402 (v10.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 401 (v10.0.0) 
Release Date: 2018.04.10

New Features

  • We created a new question type specifically for collecting PII (Personally Identifiable Information). This is information such as name, address, phone number and email address. The purpose of this question type is to have the ability to have a specific way to ask for this information as well as blocking the access to it. (SP-2424)
  • In order to aid in the survey programming process, after a survey has gone live, we began work on a 'Live Edit' mode that will allow survey changes to be made without impacting the original programming. (SP-2428)
  • A new feature will be added to the Dashboard that will allow users to request Sample from Critical Mix. (SP-2432)


  • The survey architecture has been redesigned to increase survey loading times and processing making the system faster and more efficient. (SP-2249)
  • In an effort to streamline the testing process, we have revamped the testing tools while testing. (SP-2332)
  • We have made ongoing progress on our Survey Markup feature, also called Survey Import/Export. (SP-2425)
  • We have made improvements to 'Concept Looping' so the progress bar calculation is more accurate. (SP-2431)
  • 'Simple Grids' now have the 'Bulk Edit' feature. This feature allows the ability for quick copying and pasting of response lists, response labels, response groups as well as response coding. (SP-2429)
  • You now have the ability to drag and drop files directly into the HTML Editor within the 'Build & Edit' Tool. (SP-2419)

Bug Fixes

  • If you were updating quota limits via the Quotas Tab on the Dashboard, you may have encountered a bug where only the first quota entered would save. This has been adjusted. (SP-2423)
  • While using the 'QA Tasks' you could have tried to upload a document and you would get an error. This is now resolved and you should not have issues upload files using this feature. (SP-2420)
  • We added in a check for case insensitivity when checking question/variable names (SP-2462)
  • If you were using a translations file with content that was blanked out, you would get an error and the upload would fail. (SP-2466)
  • When working with Translation files, there was a bug in which the translation file would not process if you did not have all the locales in the file. It should have been checking the make sure the locales in the file existed in the survey itself. This has been corrected. (SP-2477)
  • When cloning a survey which contained 'Concepts' utilizing multiple qualification blocks which may have individual 'max to assign' values, the max to assign would not be cloned and would have to be entered manually. This has been resolved. (SP-2486) 
  • If you were using the 'Data Validation' tool and had a survey with a 'Complex Grid', the labels were all the same as the first item. This has now been accounted for when using the 'Validate Data' Tool. (SP-2484) 
  • When either creating a survey from scratch or cloning a survey from another, the 'Event Log' now tracks and time stamps those events on survey creation. (SP-2469)
  • Users were not able to make updates to themes made prior to the last release. This has been accounted for and when you attempt to modify an active theme, you will be forced to saved it. (SP-2475)
  • If you were using a update a formula that had the HAS syntax tied to a 'Single Variable' which was not using a response list, the formula would not save. This is a very specific scenario but we have now account for this and the system will allow the update to save. (SP-2523)
  • When downloading data using the default layout, an error appeared at the bottom of the screen indicating that there was an issue with the download. This has now been corrected moving forward. (SP-2527)
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