Cloning an Existing Project

This article will help you clone a survey within our system


There are a few different reasons for wanting to clone a survey:

  • You are using a project as a template with any sort of presets you wish to have. This can include a theme, branding and/or any questions and logic
  • You have a section or more of questions that are identical to, or even close enough to use as a base to modify in another survey
  • The project will run for another period of time and there are no changes to it or minor ones so you do not have to start from scratch.

This article will show you how to quickly and easily clone a survey.

Cloning a Survey

  1. Search for the survey you want to clone on the 'Project List'
  2. Once you have found the survey in the list, click on vertical ellipsis in the 'Actions' column. 

  3. Click on 'Clone Survey' option once it appears 

  4. The next window will allow you to: 
    1. Name your survey
    2. Select the Company (if applicable) 
  5. Next, one of two scenarios will occur:
    1. Once the cloning process is complete, you will be sent to the Dashboard of your newly created project.
    2. For larger projects you may see a message to check the project list for your project. A line item will appear and the 'status' will read "Cloning". If you click inside the project you we see a note that project is still cloning along with a progress bar. Once it is available, it will switch to "Design" and you should be able to access it normally. 

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